Monika Kölsch

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Stress and cortisol are generally considered to impair declarative memory retrieval, although opposite results have also been reported. Dose-dependent effects and differences between genomic and non-genomic cortisol effects are possible reasons for these discrepancies. The aim of the current experiment was to assess the non-genomic effects of escalating(More)
The physiological stress system and the circadian clock system communicate with each other at different signaling levels. The steroid hormone cortisol, the end-effector of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis, is released in response to stress and acts as a mediator in circadian rhythms. We determined the effect of escalating cortisol doses on the(More)
The stress hormone cortisol is assumed to influence cognitive functions. While cortisol-induced alterations of declarative memory in particular are well-investigated, considerably less is known about its influence on executive functions. Moreover, most research has been focused on slow effects, and rapid non-genomic effects have not been studied. The(More)
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