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Now days in all fields to extract useful knowledge from data, data mining techniques like classification, clustering, association rule mining are useful. In data mining classification is categorization of different objects and Clustering is methodology using which we will be able to club objects of similar type. Another methodology like association rule(More)
Real time multimedia applications have diverse Quality of Service (QoS) requirements. Traditional routing algorithms are not adequate to handle the QoS requirements of these applications. Therefore, designing routing algorithms that optimizes multiple QoS requirements is one of the major issues in High-Speed Networks (HSN). QoS Routing is defined as finding(More)
In data mining Clustering is a technique that's aims to single out the data elements into different clusters based on useful features. In this technique data elements that are similar to one another are placed within the same cluster and those which are dissimilar are placed in different clusters. Many algorithms have been proposed in the literature(More)
Ms. Manisha Chowdhary, Ms. Shilpi Singh, CSE Department, United group of Institutions, Greater Noida, India Abstract— In data mining, association rule mining is an important research area in today’s scenario. Various association rule mining can find interesting associations and correlation relationship among a(More)
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