Monika Jaeger

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The traffic to be carried by today's European backbone networks increases very rapidly. An important portion of this traffic consists of data traffic (mainly IP-related). In the future data traffic is expected to become the abundantly dominant traffic type, while voice traffic will only account for a very small portion of the total traffic volume. In this(More)
BACKGROUND The concentration of total homocysteine (tHcy) is higher in newborns than in older children. Vitamin B-12 is the major determinant of tHcy in newborns. Maternal status of folate, vitamin B-12, and vitamin B-6 during pregnancy may affect the biochemical markers of these micronutrients in newborns. OBJECTIVE Our objective was to study the(More)
Automated analysis of wood anatomical sections is of great interest in understanding the growth and development of plants. In this paper, we propose a novel method to characterize the cell organization in light microscopic wood section images. It aims to identify automatically the cell file in a context of mass treatment. The originality of the proposed(More)
The commonly used IP-backbone network architecture of today is IP/ATM/SDH/WDM. This architecture has many redundant functionalities and is not optimized to transport IP traffic. New approaches for simplified network architectures try to eliminate redundant functionalities and to decrease the protocol overhead and thereby transport IP as efficiently as(More)
  • M. Jaeger
  • 2012 IEEE 4th International Symposium on Plant…
  • 2012
Computer generated scenes are getting popular in the scientific communities concerned by plant, crop and forest structural and functional modeling. We show that realistic images can be produced from scientific visualizations at low costs, with post-processing functions applied to output images with or without their associated depth maps. We illustrate the(More)
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