Monika Heupel

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Rats with complete cytotoxic hippocampal lesions exhibited spatial memory impairments in both the water maze and elevated T maze. They were hyperactive in photocell cages; swam faster in the water maze; and were less efficient on a nonspatial, differential reinforcement of low rates (DRL) task. Performance on both spatial tasks was also impaired by(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was undertaken to verify by means of Doppler ultrasonography and simultaneous fetal pulse oximetry the redistribution of fetal blood flow in favor of the brain during intrapartum hypoxemia. STUDY DESIGN During labor 11 term fetuses with abnormal heart rate patterns and arterial oxygen saturation <30% and 14 control term fetuses with(More)
OBJECTIVES The study's objectives were to verify a threshold value for fetal arterial oxygen saturation as the critical boundary for fetal compromise during labor and to investigate a method of predicting acidosis caused by hypoxemia. STUDY DESIGN In a multicenter study involving 3 German obstetric centers, a total of 400 deliveries were monitored by(More)
Reflectance pulse oximetry is a new method to monitor the fetus during labour in order to get a better assessment of the fetus's condition than by CTG interpretation alone. In this study the method is investigated with regard to its prognostic value concerning fetal outcome and complications possibly due to its application: Increased uterine bleeding,(More)
In this article, we focus attention on a poorly understood aspect of contentious politics: the interaction between the transnational diffusion of new forms of protest behavior and the diffusion of police practices in response to them. Studies of diffusion are usually limited to the diffusion of one kind of innovation by one set of actors to another, as in(More)
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