Monika Guratowska

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Pheochromocytoma (PCC) in children is rare, genetically not well described, and often related to a poor prognosis. We detected genomic imbalances in all 14 tumors from children analyzed by comparative genomic hybridization. A combinatorial loss of chromatin from 3p and 11p was a common feature in 10 of 14 (72%) patients, which was a result of either a loss(More)
The flow cytometry is acquiring more and more clinical importance. Despite its wide application in diagnostics, it is not used commonly in the clinical toxicology. The goal of the current investigation was to evaluate the mechanism for cell death (apoptosis or necrosis) and its manifestation in circulating human lymphocytes exposed to toxic concentration of(More)
The high cost of authoring e-learning resources is a well-known problem when introducing and using virtual patients in medical schools. A method investigated by the European eViP project for reducing these expenses involves “repurposing” existing cases from a common database in order to Þ t them into new learning environments and scenarios. The goal of this(More)
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