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BACKGROUND Various histopathological changes have been observed following neoadjuvant chemotherapy in individual tumors in the literature. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To observe histopathologic changes seen after neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast malignancies, squamous cell carcinomas, adenocarcinomas, and Wilms' tumor using breast cancer predominantly as the(More)
Starch and proteins are major components in the wheat endosperm that affect its end product quality. Between the two textural classes of wheat i.e. hard and soft, starch granules are loosely bound with the lipids and proteins in soft wheat due to higher expression of interfering grain softness proteins. It might have impact on starch granules properties. In(More)
α-Gliadin proteins of the wheat gluten form a multigene family encoded by genomic loci Gli-A2, Gli-B2 and Gli-D2 located on the homoeologous wheat chromosomes 6AS, 6BS, and 6DS, respectively which upon partial digestion elicits celiac disease (CD) in the genetically susceptible individuals. The present investigation was planned to study the variations in(More)
Grain hardness is an important quality trait that influences product development in wheat. This trait is governed by variation in puroindoline proteins (PINA and PINB). Our study evaluated 551 Indian wheat germplasm lines for diversity in Pina and Pinb genes. Eighty-two lines were shortlisted for full length sequencing and grain hardness studies. Sequencing(More)
PURPOSE Prostatic carcinoma is a common and growing public health problem. Histological evaluation is fairly adequate for assessing tumor differentiation, but tumor proliferative activity is difficult to measure. Increasing evidence suggests that the factors controlling cell cycle progression also modulate the rate of ribosome biogenesis. Despite the(More)
Primary splenic cyst is a relatively rare entity; they comprise only about 10% of benign non-parasitic cysts. Most of these are asymptomatic and are observed incidentally during abdominal ultrasonography. The number of diagnosed splenic cyst cases seems to have risen because of the increasing use of abdominal imaging techniques. However, definite diagnosis(More)
Physical exercise provides multiple benefits to an individual. However, the beneficial effect of exercise on psychomotor performance remains controversial. The present study was undertaken to determine the effect of aerobic exercise on auditory reaction time (ART) and visual reaction time (VRT). Fifty subjects were enrolled consisting of healthy subjects(More)
PURPOSE Prostatic lesions on routine staining sometimes cause a diagnostic dilemma, especially when malignant tissue is limited and is mixed with benign prostatic glands or because of the presence of benign mimickers of carcinoma. The application of immunohistochemistry contributes a valuable differential diagnosis. This study aimed to evaluate a complete(More)