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Sport-Induced Substance Use—An Empirical Study to the Extent within a German Sports Association
In cooperation with the Sports Association of the Palatinate (SBP), a survey was conducted on substance use by recreational and amateur athletes. Distribution of the online questionnaire took placeExpand
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How to produce the belief in clean sports which sells
Abstract Organisers of sport competitions sell a product, consisting of athletes’ performance and integrity of competition. These components are consumed simultaneously. Consumer demand for eliteExpand
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Does one play with the athletes' health in the name of ethics?
Abstract The anti-doping policy is based on three institutional pillars of varying importance and officially relies on two major motives: the defense of sports ethics and the protection of athletes’Expand
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Follow me ... on the relationship between social media activities and market values in the German Bundesliga
Transfermarkt.de’s market value (transfermarkt value) is a topic that is discussed very often in sports economics. Based on existing literature, we assume that the Transfermarkt value is a functionExpand
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Doping im Sport
Otto Loewi, Nobelpreistrager fur Medizin, hielt in hohem Alter einen Vortrag als Ehrenprasident des Internationalen Physiologenkongresses. Befragt nach seinem Erfolgsgeheimnis erlautert er seinExpand
The sky is the limit?! Evaluating the existence of a speculative bubble in European football
In light of increasing salaries and transfer fees, the present study investigates the existence of a speculative bubble in European football. By applying the Kindleberger–Minsky model to football, weExpand
Erfolg(+)reich und verdorben?
ZusammenfassungIm Kontext einer zunehmenden Kommerzialisierung wird deren Einfluss auf die Häufigkeit des Auftretens von Doping in bestimmten Sportarten vielfach diskutiert. Ökonomische AnreizeExpand
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Soziologische und ökonomische Funktion von Grenzwerten – eine kurze Skizze
Neben der Bewahrung der olympischen Idee und der Organisation der Olympischen Spiele liegt die Vermarktung des Wettbewerbs im Aufgabenbereich des IOC. Hierbei wird jedoch nicht nur die sportlicheExpand
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The Influence of Performance Parameters on Market Value
Research question: We uncover the influence of performance parameters on market value of football players in German Bundesliga. Hereby, the analyses should in some places reach beyond the currentExpand
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