Monika E Slovinec D'Angelo

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PURPOSE Radiotherapy for prostate cancer (PCa) may cause unfavorable changes in fatigue, quality of life (QOL), and physical fitness. We report results from the Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy and Exercise Versus Normal Treatment study examining the effects of 24 weeks of resistance or aerobic training versus usual care on fatigue, QOL, physical fitness, body(More)
BACKGROUND The CardioFit Internet-based expert system was designed to promote physical activity in patients with coronary heart disease (CHD) who were not participating in cardiac rehabilitation. DESIGN This randomized controlled trial compared CardioFit to usual care to assess its effects on physical activity following hospitalization for acute coronary(More)
INTRODUCTION Interventions for hospitalized smokers can increase long-term smoking cessation rates. The Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation (the "Ottawa Model") is an application of the "5 A's" approach to cessation, customized to the hospital setting. This study evaluated the impact of implementing the Ottawa Model in 9 hospitals in eastern Ontario. (More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about physical activity levels in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) who are not engaged in cardiac rehabilitation. We explored the trajectory of physical activity after hospitalization for CAD, and examined the effects of demographic, medical, and activity-related factors on the trajectory. DESIGN A prospective cohort(More)
BACKGROUND A conceptual model was proposed and tested in order to link attitudinal and awareness factors that might explain changes in food purchase behaviours and dietary patterns related to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada's Health Check food information program. METHODS Two hundred food shoppers completed a survey inquiring about demographics,(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether a stress management (SM) program could improve cessation rates when added to usual care (UC) among women attempting to quit smoking. DESIGN Randomized controlled trial conducted during a 12-month period. SETTING Smoking cessation clinics located within two tertiary care centers in Ottawa, Ontario. SUBJECTS A total of 332(More)
BACKGROUND Family members of patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) have higher risk of vascular events. We conducted a trial to determine if a family heart-health intervention could reduce their risk of CAD. METHODS We assessed coronary risk factors and randomized 426 family members of patients with CAD to a family heart-health intervention (n =(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with heart failure are a growing population within cardiac rehabilitation. The purpose of this study was to compare, through a single-centre, parallel-group, randomized controlled trial, the effects of Nordic walking and standard cardiac rehabilitation care on functional capacity and other outcomes in patients with moderate to severe(More)
OBJECTIVES Poor adherence to regular exercise is a documented challenge among people with heart disease. Identifying key determinants of exercise adherence and distinguishing between the processes driving short- and long-term adherence to regular exercise is a valuable endeavor. The purpose of the present study was to test a model of exercise behavior(More)
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