Monika Bugdol

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Deficiency in dopaminergic system function may be one of the hypothetical reasons of the frailty syndrome but its role still remains unclear. The aim of our study was to assess the frailty phenotype prevalence in geriatric inpatients with mild parkinsonian signs (MPS) and to investigate levodopa test in the frail patients with MPS. We examined 118(More)
In this paper a parametric model of the left ventricle is presented. Its task is to estimate the myocardium shape on those slices, on which the segmentation algorithm has outlined the structure incorrectly. The aim of using the model on improperly segmented slices is to improve the accuracy of computing cardiac hemodynamic parameters and the heart mass. The(More)
The enormous number of advantages of minimally invasive surgery leads to the development of computer systems that are helpful tools during laparoscopic operations. In the paper a liver deformation model has been proposed including the shape deflection of the liver surface while inserting a tool into the organ and extracting it. The model is an answer to the(More)
Background and Objectives Standard clinical procedure of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) assessment employs time-consuming tests of psychological evaluation and requires the involvement of specialists. The employment of quantitative methods proves to be superior to clinical judgment, yet reliable, fast and inexpensive tests are not available. This study was(More)
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