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We have used an extension of our slow light technique to provide a method for inducing small density defects in a Bose-Einstein condensate. These sub- resolution, micrometer-sized defects evolve into large-amplitude sound waves. We present an experimental observation and theoretical investigation of the resulting breakdown of superfluidity, and we observe(More)
The German Association for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (DGPPN) has committed itself to establish a prospective national cohort of patients with major psychiatric disorders, the so-called DGPPN-Cohort. This project will enable the scientific exploitation of high-quality data and biomaterial from psychiatric patients for research. It will be set up using(More)
Large-scale collaborative research will be a hallmark of future psychiatric genetic research. Ideally, both academic and non-academic institutions should be able to participate in such collaborations to allow for the establishment of very large samples in a straightforward manner. Any such endeavor requires an easy-to-implement information technology (IT)(More)
Previous studies have documented advancement in clutch initiation dates (CIDs) in response to climate change, most notably for temperate-breeding passerines. Despite accelerated climate change in the Arctic, few studies have examined nest phenology shifts in arctic breeding species. We investigated whether CIDs have advanced for the most abundant breeding(More)
The hopes for readily implementable precision medicine are high. For many complex disorders, such as bipolar disorder, these hopes critically hinge on tangible successes in pharmacogenetics of treatment response or susceptibility to adverse events. In this article, we review the current state of pharmacogenomics of bipolar disorder including latest results(More)
Significant cognitive dysfunction has been recognized as an important state and trait feature of bipolar disorder. In this article, longitudinal studies comparing cognitive performance in bipolar disorder patients and healthy controls are reviewed. In contrast to cross-sectional reports, current longitudinal research findings do not support a progressive(More)
Gruppe 8 " To fit or not to fit "-Übereinstimmung der im IAT verwendeten Stimuli mit der individuellen Einstellung für eine validere Einstellungserfassung .. Gruppe 12 Wer hat noch nicht, wer will bald mal? Korrelate des Zeitpunktes der Aufnahme sexueller (2003). Interhemispheric cooperation for face recognition but not for affective facial expressions.(More)
Polymeric materials like mineral filled and fibre reinforced epoxy resins are applicated in many power apparatus for electric insulation. Compared to ceramic and glass the composite insulators based on mineral filled polymers have many advantages. Epoxies offer new possibilities in developing electric insulations, especially to reach more compact design in(More)
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