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An immunoassay system based on enzyme immunoassay technology has been developed for quantitative panel testing. The system includes test card disposables, reagents, and an instrument. Patients' samples are processed semiautomatically in the instrument with minimum user intervention. The test card has multiple test areas at individual locations on a membrane(More)
V10 international team augmented the instrumentation associated with the Winter Games and several new numerical weather forecasting and nowcasting models were added. Both the additional observational and model data were available to the forecasters in real time. This was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate existing capability in nowcasting and to(More)
This paper describes a dynamic model performance-driven weighting system for real-time, short term weather forecasting. The selected data sources include three numerical weather prediction models and observations. The performance of each NWP model for the past 6 hours or a specified period is statistically analyzed and continuously evaluated. Based on the(More)
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