Monika Andergassen

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1 Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are widely used by organizations to provide and manage educational activities. Particularly in higher education, the application of LMS platforms is well documented and evaluated in the literature for at least one decade, whereby evaluation is often restricted to user-oriented analysis of the acceptance, usefulness and(More)
Recent studies come to the conclusion that Learning Management System (LMS) usage variables explain a higher variation in students' final grades than traditional student characteristics. Referring to such findings from literature our research aims at exploring dependencies between e-learning usage patterns and achieved learning results on the basis of LMS(More)
Didactic strategies in the classroom are influenced by factors like class size, prior class knowledge and level of class attention. In large classes, student activation has to follow different didactic approaches in order to obtain ad-hoc feedback from individual students than in small classes. One approach to increase class attention are classroom voting(More)
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