Monica Yazzie

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Questions about possible adverse health effects from exposures to uranium have arisen as a result of uranium mining, residual mine tailings and use of depleted uranium in the military. The purpose of the current study was to measure the toxicity of depleted uranium as uranyl acetate (UA) in mammalian cells. The activity of UA in the parental CHO AA8 line(More)
Uranium is a radioactive heavy metal with isotopes that decay on the geological time scale. People are exposed to uranium through uranium mining, processing, the resulting mine tailings, and the use of depleted uranium in the military. Acute exposures to uranium are chemically toxic to the kidney; however, little is known about chronic exposures, for(More)
Chromium picolinate (CrPic) is a human dietary supplement that provides a bioavailable form of chromium(III). Its mechanism of action is unknown, and a number of toxic endpoints have been attributed to its use. Understanding the cellular effects of CrPic is important for confirmation or dismissal of these potential toxic effects. The purpose of this work(More)
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