Monica Viveros-Rogel

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The presence of serum antibodies to Entamoeba histolytica was detected by indirect hemagglutination in a representative sample of the 32 federal entities of the Mexican Republic. This study was designed to include biologic, geographic, social, economic, and educational variables. The total percentage of positive sera was 8.41%. Seroprevalence varied with(More)
Fusion of CD4+ cells by HIV-1 envelope proteins (Env) is a mechanism of virus spread and cell damage. Production of antibodies able to influence cell-cell fusion in vivo may affect the course of the infection. The effect of sera from 49 HIV-1-positive patients was tested on an in vitro fusion assay using Env-expressing and normal Jurkat T cells labelled(More)
In 2004, the World Health Organization performed a survey to assess transmitted drug resistance in Mexico City among drug-naive persons with newly diagnosed human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and likely to be recently infected who were attending 3 voluntary counseling and testing sites. A parallel study comparing 2 alternative methods of enrolling(More)
TUAB0105LB Figure 1. Cumulative incidence of switch at 3 years of ART by age at start of ART, initial regimen and monitoring strategy by region. 21st International AIDS Conference Abstract Supplement Journal of the International AIDS Society 2016, 19 (Suppl 5) |(More)
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