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Seventy-four neonates with respiratory distress syndrome had cytologic study of tracheal aspirates. Thirteen, all of whom were receiving intravenous lipid and nothing orally had abundant macrophages with foamy cytoplasm, positive for intracytoplasmic lipid by Sudan black stain, in the tracheal aspiration specimens. Cytologic surveillance of tracheal(More)
The enzymatic activities of maltase, sucrase, and lactase were determined in jejunal biopsies obtained from 24 children with gastrointestinal symptoms and different degrees of protein energy malnutrition (PEM) to see if these differences were related to the extent of malnutrition or concomitant small intestinal mucosal injury. Even in patients with moderate(More)
Thirty two children with chronic diarrhea of unknown etiology were prospectively investigated in a special hospitalization unit. They were all under 5 percentile for weight/height (NCHS). They had no edema and their age range was between three and eighteen months. The patients were given cow's milk and following the first jejunal biopsy they were fed one of(More)
It is posited that the 'elasticity' of Freud's texts evokes an 'evenly hovering' stance in the reader in order to draw out from his writings the multilayered and latent meanings, which often subvert his manifest discourse. This elasticity is exemplified in the metaphor - a central feature of psychoanalytic epistemology. This hypothesis is tested through a(More)