Monica V. Herrero

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The flow cytometry (FC) technique used with certain fluorescent dyes (ChemChrome V6 [CV6], DRAQ5, and PI) has proven useful to label and to detect different physiological states of yeast and malolactic bacterium starters conducting cider fermentation over time (by performing sequential inoculation of microorganisms). First, the technique was tested with(More)
A 12-year-old girl was seen by a physician in Frias (Santiago del Estero Province, northern Argentina region) due to a lesion in her left leg that presented a painless papule, which later became ulcerative. The mother referred that the first lesion appeared after an insect bite in the left leg of her daughter, but she did not remember any febrile episode.(More)
Given the lack of research in the traditional cider making field when compared to the efforts devoted to winemaking, this work focused on the effects of controlled inoculation of the malolactic fermentation (MLF) on the sensory properties of cider. MLF develops spontaneously in cider making at industrial level. In this work, industrial cider samples were(More)
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