Monica Tavanti

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The present study reports the distribution of Neuropeptide Y (NPY)-immunoreactive neurons and fibers in the forebrain of the adult carp Cyprinus carpio L. Serial Nissl-stained sections were used for cytoarchitecture and identification of anatomical structures. Immunostaining of NPY-containing neurons and fibers was used as neurochemical marker and tool for(More)
<b>Motivation</b> -- To identify a suitable interaction modality -among the ones currently implemented in a three-dimensional (3D) environment for Air Traffic Control- for allowing interactive exploration of and gathering information about 3D weather structures. <b>Research approach</b> -- A usability study entailing four interaction modalities (also(More)
41 Abstract— The Virtual Sky project sponsored by the Eurocontrol Research Center focuses on the creation of three-dimensional stereoscopic environments for Air Traffic Control. One problem studied by the project concerns the interaction with three-dimensional stereoscopic objects. Since new ways of interaction are required so as to allow users an efficient(More)
Employing three-dimensional displays in Air Traffic Control has been the object of study and debates for numerous years. Although empirical studies have often led to mixed results, some preliminary evidence suggests that training could be a suitable domain of application for 3D interfaces, however, little evidence is available to fully support this claim.(More)
Retrieving and managing medical information is a major problem for users, due to the massive and heterogeneous production of available data. One way of handling the complexity of this special information context could be to find alternative ways of structuring medical data. In this paper a database containing medical information about diseases is presented.(More)
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