Monica T. Kalichevsky

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The effects of lipids and emulsifiers on the glass transition temperature (Tg) of gluten have been studied as a function of water content, using differential scanning calorimetry, dynamic mechanical thermal analysis, a three point bend test and pulsed nuclear magnetic resonance. Lipids and emulsifiers were found to have little or no effect on Tg, with the(More)
Large mode area Yb-doped photonic bandgap fiber lasers Report Title Fiber lasers are in the process of revolutionizing modern manufacturing. Further power scaling is still much desired to increase throughput and to break new frontiers in science and defense. It has become very clear now that highly single-mode fibers with large effective mode areas are(More)
The glass transition in hydrated wheat gluten has been studied using dynamic mechanical thermal analysis, differential scanning calorimetry, pulsed nuclear magnetic resonance and a three point bend test. The results for gluten alone are in good agreement with results obtained by other workers for gluten and glutenin. In contrast to their effect on the Tg of(More)
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