Monica T. Hsu

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A new coarse-grained model of the E. coli cytoplasm is developed by describing the proteins of the cytoplasm as flexible units consisting of one or more spheres that follow Brownian dynamics (BD), with hydrodynamic interactions (HI) accounted for by a mean-field approach. Extensive BD simulations were performed to calculate the diffusion coefficients of(More)
αβ-tubulin dimers need to convert between a 'bent' conformation observed for free dimers in solution and a 'straight' conformation required for incorporation into the microtubule lattice. Here, we investigate the free energy landscape of αβ-tubulin using molecular dynamics simulations, emphasizing implications for models of assembly, and modulation of the(More)
Electron microscopic technique was used to examine the structures of SV40 DNA recombination intermediates induced by ultraviolet irradiation as an approach for understanding recombination mechanisms in animal cells. Putative recombination intermediate with the characteristic Holliday junction was observed in both SV40 and CV-1 monkey kidney cell DNA. These(More)
The study of recombination in prokaryotes has been facilitated by the availability of recombinational mutants and simple genetic elements such as phages and plasmids. These small but defined molecules of DNA have been especially useful for electron microscopic analysis of structural detail of molecules undergoing recombination both in vivo and in vitro. A(More)
Nucleoprotein complexes with in vitro transcription activity were isolated from HeLa cells late in lytic infection with Adenovirus type 2 (Ad2). Both polymerase II and polymerase III were active in these extracts, and greater than 85% of the labeled RNA was Ad2-specific. Electrophoretic analyses and Southern blot analyses demonstrated that RNA complementary(More)
For DNA in solution, there have been two methods for measuring the helical periodicity. One method examines the ladder of discrete bands formed in the electrophoretic pattern of supercoiled DNA. Such a ladder is assumed to reflect the set of differently linked covalently closed molecules. The other method measures the lengths of partial nuclease digestions(More)
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