Monica Smith

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A series of recent papers in Urban Geography on “comparative urbanism” (Robinson, 2004; Dear, 2005; Nijman, 2007a; Ward, 2008) raises concerns about the domain within which urban geographers undertake comparisons. Nearly all discussion concerns contemporary and very recent historical cities with little serious consideration of ancient or preindustrial(More)
The recent advances in combinatorial chemistry and high throughput screening technologies have led to an explosion in the numbers of possible therapeutic candidates being produced at the early stages of drug discovery. This rapid increase in the number of chemicals to be classified results in a greater need for alternative methods for the prediction of(More)
This paper begins with a review of the famous &#x201C;goodness&#x201D; of electrical machines concept published in 1965 by Laithwaite. Its correctness when applied to induction machines is demonstrated using the metric of torque density, for which we use the word &#x201C;compactness&#x201D;, measured in Nm/m<sup>3</sup>. Technical advances in the latter(More)
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