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DISH (Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis) of cervical spine is a rare condition which causes dysphagia in 23% of cases and occasionally dyspnea. The authors report the case of a 74 years old male, known with progressive dysphagia and recurrent episodes of dysphonia and dyspnea, who suffered a sudden episode of respiratory distress that need finaly(More)
The anatomy of the paranasal sinuses is variable and it is important to appreciate their clinical and surgical significance. During both posterior ethmoid and sphenoid sinus surgery, but also for endoscopic approach of pituitary, a good knowledge of the anatomy is essential for understanding the pathological process and to prevent surgical complications(More)
UNLABELLED Magnesium and nickel are ions with an important role in the human body, but their effects are not completely understood. AIM To clarify the actions of magnesium and nickel on the rat kidney, which was experimentally treated with retinoic acid, an important therapeutic agent. MATERIAL AND METHOD The first lot of animals was the witness lot and(More)
Congenital anomalies of the face mainly originate in chromosomal and teratogenic factors. Cleft lip and cleft palate are common anomalies of the face and palate. Cleft lip, with or without cleft palate, occurs about once in 1000 births. Cleft palate occurs about once in 2500 births. Most cases of cleft lip and palate are determined by multiple factors,(More)
Continue development of endoscopic techniques of rinosinusal approach involves knowledge about the anatomy of this region, with a three-dimensional orientation before surgery, a therapeutic plan well thought, anticipating the gesture controller, taking into account the particularities of each case. Endoscopic surgical anatomic variants parts at this level(More)
The temporo-mandibular joint is distinguished from most other synovial joints of the body by two features: 1. the two jointed components carry teeth whose position and occlusion introduce a very strong influence on the movements of the temporo-mandibular joint and 2. its articular surfaces are not covered by hyaline cartilage, but by a dense, fibrous(More)
UNLABELLED Professional activity in dentistry account for excessive request of the spine and peripheral joints. MATERIAL AND METHOD We performed an observational prospective study on ten physicians (six women, four men) aiming to evaluate the time used in vicious positions during a working day and to establish a specific kinetic program directed to(More)
Jaw movement is analyzed as an action between two rigid components jointed together in a particular way, the movable mandible against the stabilized cranium. Opening and closing movements are symmetrical; that is, both sides of the cranio-mandibular articulation are making the same movements. Protrusive and retrusive movements may also be symmetrical. The(More)
The present paper provides a general morphofunctional study of the oro-maxillary-facial cephalic arterial area that shows some particular hemodynamic characteristics. The internal maxillary artery supplies a very large territory, with numerous and wide anastomoses. In order to understand the hemodynamic characteristics of this artery, we analyzed some older(More)
The mandible is one of the most important bones of the face, by its function in the temporomandibular joint and by its role in the facial aesthetics. From this reason, our article makes some measurements on the mandible (the mandibular length, the bicondylar breath and the mandibular index). We made the measurements on 20 masculine and feminine skulls.
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