Monica Scarisoreanu

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Chemical composition of the powders. The carbon and nitrogen contents were measured using two elemental analysis instruments (Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer EMIA-320V Series, Horiba, and Oxygen/Nitrogen/Hydrogen Analyzer EMA-800 series, respectively). Optical absorption of the dye-sensitized electrodes. The optical properties of the dye-sensitized electrodes were(More)
Electrical properties of new polymer-iron nanocomposite materials obtained by laser pyrolysis were investigated, in order to find applications for the detection of reducing gases. The aim of this paper was to prove the necessity of complex experimental investigation in order to point out the contribution of different types of adsorption. Usually resistance(More)
Solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells (ssDSSC) constitute a major approach to photovoltaic energy conversion with efficiencies over 8% reported thanks to the rational design of efficient porous metal oxide electrodes, organic chromophores, and hole transporters. Among the various strategies used to push the performance ahead, doping of the nanocrystalline(More)
Different kind of nanometric powders: carbon, iron, titanium, silicium, oxides and composites, obtained by laser pyrolysis have the ability to float on water. In analogy with Langmuir-Blodgett deposition technique, thick films were formed on substrates. If water contains ionic salts, single-crystals of micrometric size crystallize onto the surface.
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