Monica S. McAndrews-Hill

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To address the challenges of information integration and retrieval, the computational genomics community increasingly has come to rely on the methodology of creating annotations of scientific literature using terms from controlled structured vocabularies such as the Gene Ontology (GO). Here we address the question of what such annotations signify and of how(More)
The PAT family of proteins has been identified in eukaryotic species as diverse as vertebrates, insects, and amebazoa. These proteins share a highly conserved sequence organization and avidity for the surfaces of intracellular, neutral lipid storage droplets. The current nomenclature of the various members lacks consistency and precision, deriving more from(More)
The Wilms tumor locus on chromosome 11p13 has been mapped to a region defined by overlapping, tumor-specific deletions. Complementary DNA clones representing transcripts of 2.5 (WIT-1) and 3.5 kb (WIT-2) mapping to this region were isolated from a kidney complementary DNA library. Expression of WIT-1 and WIT-2 was restricted to kidney and spleen. RNase(More)
  • R Kapur, M Majumdar, X Xiao, M McAndrews-Hill, K Schindler, D A Williams
  • Blood
  • 1998
Mutations of the receptor tyrosine kinase c-kit or its ligand stem cell factor (SCF), which is encoded as a soluble and membrane-associated protein by the Steel gene in mice, lead to deficiencies of germ cells, melanocytes, and hematopoiesis, including the erythroid lineage. In the present study, we have used genetic methods to study the role of membrane or(More)
A major challenge for functional and comparative genomics resource development is the extraction of data from the biomedical literature. Although text mining for biological data is an active research field, few applications have been integrated into production literature curation systems such as those of the model organism databases (MODs). Not only are(More)
Stem cell factor (SCF) is synthesized as both soluble (S) and membrane-associated (MA) proteins. Indirect insight into the function of MA and S isoforms of SCF has come from studies performed in Steel (Sl) mutant mice. However, the physiologic role(s) of these two isoforms remain unknown. In an attempt to better understand the in vivo role of c-kit/SCF(More)
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