Monica Ruffini Castiglione

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Chromatin organization, nuclear DNA methylation and endogenous zeatin localization were investigated in shoot apical meristems (SAM) during juvenile and adult phases of peach (Prunus persica (L.) Batsch). The aim was to examine the extent to which these parameters could discriminate the juvenile and adult SAMs. Seedlings (juvenile, cannot flower), basal(More)
Temperature and moisture content are particularly important factors influencing the longevity of seeds, and therefore the ageing of seeds is closely tied to storage conditions. The ageing process is characterised by many physiological and biochemical changes: membranes tend to leak, enzymes lose catalytic activity, and chromosomes accumulate mutations.(More)
On the assumption that arsenic induces stress morphogenetic responses involved in As tolerance and hyperaccumulation in the Pteris vittata fern, we analyzed the root system of young sporophytes grown in 250, 334, and 500 μM As for five days and for 14 days. Anatomical and histological analyses were performed in plants grown for five days to evaluate the(More)
Two bacterial strains, Achromobacter sp. (ACH01) and Sphingomonas sp. (SPH01), were isolated from a heavily polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH)-contaminated soil (5431.3 ± 102.3 ppm) for their capacity to use a mixture of anthracene, pyrene, phenanthrene and fluorene as sole carbon sources for growth and for the capacity to produce biosurfactants. The two(More)
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