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The adult beta-globin gene of Ammotragus lervia (Barbary sheep or aoudad) has been sequenced completely, including 185 base pairs of 5' flanking region and 168 base pairs 3' to the stop codon, and compared with that of other caprines such as goat (Capra hircus), wild Corsico-Sardinian (Ovis aries musimon) and Cypriot (O. a. ophion) mouflons, and domestic(More)
Four novel alleles of the adult beta-globin gene of Capra hircus were observed in an extended study on hemoglobin polymorphism in goat breeds living in the island of Sardinia Nucleotide sequencing showed that one of these alleles is due to a 2 bp substitution at codon 125 (CTG --> GAG, Leu --> Glu). Two substitutions, the silent CTT --> CTC for Leu at codon(More)
Thalassemias are pathologies that derive from genetic defects of the globin genes. The most common defects among the population affect the genes that are involved in the synthesis of alpha and beta chains. The main aspects of these pathologies are well explained from a biochemical and genetic point of view. The diagnosis is fundamentally based on(More)
In order to investigate the polymorphism of ?-globin chain of hemoglobin amongst caprines, the linked (I)? and (II)? globin genes of Barbary sheep (Ammotragus lervia), goat (Capra hircus), European mouflon (Ovis aries musimon), and Cyprus mouflon (Ovis aries ophion) were completely sequenced, including the 5? and 3? untranslated regions. European and Cyprus(More)
During a screening for hemoglobinopathies, we found a carrier of the Sardinian δβ-thalassemia condition. The proband's hematology and hemoglobin (Hb) profile agreed with those of the other carriers previously identified during our diagnostic program except for the fetal Hb (HbF) composition, which consisted of both α2Aγ2 and α2Gγ2 instead of nearly 100%(More)
A new variant of the fetal hemoglobin (Hb) was observed in a newborn baby subjected to phototherapy due to jaundice, by means of electrophoretic and chromatographic techniques. The variant Hb resulted unstable by the isopropanol stability test. After HBG2 gene sequencing, the G to A transversion at codon 64, position eight of the E helix, was found, which(More)
Hb F-Emirates [Ggamma59(E3)Lys --> Glu] was first described in a newborn from the United Arab Emirates. Here we describe the occurrence of this variant in a family of Sardinian ancestry. Direct DNA sequencing analysis of the selectively amplified Ggamma gene shows that the AAA --> GAA transition, corresponding to a Lys --> Glu substitution, is responsible(More)
Hemoglobin (Hb) Lepore is composed of two normal α chains and two δβ fusion globins that arise from unequal crossover events between the δ- and β-globin genes. The Hb Lepore is widespread all over the world and in many ethnic groups. It includes some of the few clinically significant Hb variants that are associated with a β-thalassemia phenotype. Here, we(More)