Monica Patrascu

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In the field of physical activity a significant importance is held by aerobic endurance training, which is a relatively low intensity exercise that depends primarily on aerobic energy generating processes. This type of training is used for the overall endurance and fitness of the body by engaging all the major systems of the body and pushing the limits of(More)
The present work introduces a research perspective on developing Smart Building control and monitoring solutions using a service-centric conceptual framework in which agents and services are integrated in order to solve both the problem of comfort and the issue of safety. The proposed conceptual framework relies on the service oriented architecture approach(More)
This paper introduces a proposal on developing a service oriented modelling and simulation architecture related to intelligent building management based on an existing open platform that is intended to allow different people to participate and contribute at developing a intelligent building management service ecosystem. In this way, both users and(More)
The proposed control strategy presented in this paper makes use of conventional control algorithms in combination with an evolutionary optimization technique. The resulting strategy is applied to a non-linear MIMO system and several implementations of genetic algorithms are tested. Results show better performance when tuning conventional interdependent(More)
UNLABELLED A P system represents a distributed and parallel bio-inspired computing model in which basic data structures are multi-sets or strings. Numerical P systems have been recently introduced and they use numerical variables and local programs (or evolution rules), usually in a deterministic way. They may find interesting applications in areas such as(More)
The Smart City concept is the context in which a scalable agent architecture with emergent properties is introduced in this paper. These agents form on-demand control loops within the urban system, taking into account both the protection and the comfort of its inhabitants, at varying degrees of intelligence and abstraction of tasks and/or purpose. The(More)
This work proposes a holistic perspective on a coordination strategy for an Intelligent Operation Centre (IOC) at city level that accounts for the implementation of critical intervention protocols. The proposed solution depicts an agent based simulation scenario, demonstrating the real-time integration of large amounts of data into a decision making(More)