Monica Nesbitt

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A/J and C57BL/6J mice behave differently in tests for alcohol preference, open-field activity, defecation in the open field, cricket attacking, and rope climbing. Chimeric mice, i.e., mice containing both A/J cells and C57BL/6J cells, were constructed and tested for these behaviors. Patterns of behavior among A/J in equilibrium with C57BL/6J chimeras are(More)
Activity rhythms of enzymes were determined in various tissues of C57BL/6J male mice. The determinations were carried out on mice which were kept in 14 hr light: 10 hr dark regimen, and on day 2, day 5 and day 21 during exposure to continuous illumination. Locomotor activity rhythms were followed in light: dark and up to the seventh day in constant light.(More)
This study is a partial replication of the 1968 investigation by Rosenkrantz, Vogel, Bee, Broverman, and Broverman of gender stereotypes among college students. Like the students studied 30 years ago, male and female participants in this study showed very high agreement about the typical characteristics of men and women. However, current participants(More)
We report initial findings from a study of the Northern Cities Shift (NCS) in Lansing, Michigan. As in other urban centers recently examined, the NCS appears to be undergoing re-evaluation and attrition. However, whereas others have found the NCS to be simply undergoing " exact reversals " of its vowel movements (Driscoll and Lape 2014), in Lansing we find(More)
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