Monica Navarro

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This paper presents the architecture of the VITRO system concept developed under the VITRO project for the realization of Virtual Sensor Networks. The aim of the proposed architecture is to enable the realization of scalable, flexible, adaptive, energy-efficient and trust-aware Virtual Sensor Network platforms, focusing on the reduction of deployment(More)
This paper presents field measurements of the channel attenuation for medium voltage overhead power lines for long links. In particular, measurements were performed on a 5kV power line of 5 kilometers long between transformer stations (TS) (medium voltage - low voltage transformers). Additionally, the paper proposes the use of a cepstrum-based technique to(More)
We consider the use of puncturing under the scope of space time turbo trellis codes. On one hand we consider the use of puncturing as a simple mechanism to allow varying the transmission rate, investigating the performance improvement/degradation when decreasing/increasing the spectral efficiency of the code. Then, we focus on the application of the EXIT(More)
This paper investigates the application of non-binary low density parity check (NB-LDPC) codes to offset-QAM based filter bank multicarrier systems, known as FBMC/OQAM. The analysis conducted in the paper reveals that the mapping scheme can be optimized to simplify detection and minimize the correlation of the noise. Based on the proposed modifications,(More)
The problem of localizing an IR-UWB transmitter from the signals received at several anchors is considered. The positioning problem is typically solved in a two-step approach where in the first step the Time of Arrival (TOA) is estimated independently at each anchor, and the position estimate is found in a second step. However, this approach can be(More)
Filterbank Multicarrier (FBMC) modulations based on OQAM (FBMC/OQAM) have become a promising alternative to conventional OFDM because of their higher spectral efficiency and their improved selectivity in the frequency domain. Unfortunately, the orthogonality of these modulations is lost when the channel presents strong frequency selectivity, meaning that(More)
The adoption of multiple antenna techniques in future wireless systems is expected to have a significant impact on the efficient use of the spectrum, the minimisation of the cost of establishing new wireless networks, the enhancement of the quality of service, and the realisation of reconfig-urable, robust, and transparent operation across multitech-nology(More)
This paper characterizes the sources of distortion of offset-QAM based filter bank multicarrier systems when perfect channel state information at the receiver (CSIR) is not available. The statistical information of the distortion reveals that the mapping scheme, which determines how symbols are inserted in the frequency-time grid, can be optimized to reduce(More)
In order to promote the development of the passive DOAS technique the Multi Axis DOAS – Comparison campaign for Aerosols and Trace gases (MAD-CAT) was held at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz, Germany, from June to October 2013. Here, we systematically compare the differential slant column densities (dSCDs) of nitrous acid (HONO) derived from(More)
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