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The escalating growth in illegal wildlife trade and anthropogenic habitat changes threaten the survival of pangolin species worldwide. All eight extant species have experienced drastic population size reductions globally with a high extinction risk in Asia. Consequently, forensic services have become critical for law enforcement, with a need for(More)
The taxonomic status of two southern African coastal pipefish species, Syngnathus temminckii and Syngnathus watermeyeri, was investigated using a combination of morphological and genetic data. Morphological data showed that S. temminckii is distinct from the broadly distributed European pipefish Syngnathus acus, and a molecular phylogeny reconstructed using(More)
A phylogeographic study of the circumtropical glasseye Heteropriacanthus cruentatus was conducted. Molecular analyses indicate two mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (coI) lineages that are 10·4% divergent: one in the western Atlantic (Caribbean) and another that was detected across the Indo-Pacific. A fixed single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP)(More)
The first record of the Cape hagfish Myxine capensis in Mozambican waters is reported based on a single 356 mm total length specimen taken by bottom trawl off Maputo, 25° 52·9' S; 34° 42·7' E - 25° 54·1' S; 34° 41·0' E, at depths from 557 to 564 m. This account also represents the northernmost record of a hagfish in the western Indian Ocean. Morphometric(More)
The taxonomic status of the three nototheniids, Lepidonotothen squamifrons, L. larseni and Gobionotothen marionensis from different localities in the Southern Ocean is re-evaluated at the DNA level. DNA sequence divergences and phylogenetic relationship were estimated using a combined mitochondrial (mtDNA, ND2 and COI) dataset and data for one nuclear gene(More)
The cardinalfishes Archamia bilineata and A. pallida were originally described from a small number of specimens collected in the Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea and Oman, respectively. Both species are re-described using specimens collected recently in Yemen and Kenya, including the first known adult of A. pallida. These new collections increased the geographical(More)
The marble notothen, Notothenia rossii, is widely distributed around the waters of sub-Antarctic islands in the Southern Ocean and is exposed to different temperatures that range from −1.5 to 8 °C. This study investigates whether the different environmental conditions experienced by N. rossii at different latitudes in the Southern Ocean affect the levels of(More)
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