Monica Motta

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Topical application of platelet-derived growth factor-BB (PDGF-BB) is considered to accelerate tissue repair of impaired chronic wounds. However, the vast literature is plagued with conflicting reports of its efficacy in animal models and this is often influenced by a wide array of experimental variables making it difficult to compare the results across the(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure the effect of induced myopia on field trial performance in dogs. ANIMALS 7 Labrador Retrievers and 1 Chesapeake Bay Retriever trained in field trial competition. PROCEDURES Dogs were commanded to retrieve targets at 137.2 m (150 yards). Each dog participated in 3 trials while their eyes were fitted with 0- (plano), +1.50-, or(More)
The murine dorsum dermal excisional wound model has been widely utilized with or without splint application. However, variations in experimental methods create challenges for direct comparison of results provided in the literature and for design of new wound healing studies. Here, we investigated the effects of wound location and size, number of wounds,(More)
The formal extension of the conventional theory of dynamic programming to control problems with slow growth and a state constraint x 2 encounters two major drawbacks: on one hand the formal Hamiltonian may happen to be discontinuous; on the other hand, just as in the case of bounded controls, the imposition of a state constraint possibly gives rise to a(More)
In this paper we prove the existence of an optimal control for some nonlinear stochastic control problems where the control set is unbounded, but instead of a classical coercivity hypothesis, weaker assumptions are made. Our model includes singular stochastic optimization control problems, such as, for instance, the so-called monotone follower problem or(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to determine impact of needle gauge, type, and orientation on average volume of drop dispensed. PROCEDURE Five needle gauges (22G, 23G, 25G, 27G, and 30G) were examined. For each gauge, volume of drop delivered was determined for standard sharp beveled tip, blunt tip, and after breaking off of the sharp needle from(More)
OBJECTIVE Assess vascular permeability of the snake spectacle to sodium fluorescein during resting and shedding phases of the ecdysis cycle. ANIMAL STUDIED Ball python (Python regius). PROCEDURES The snake was anesthetized, and spectral domain optic coherence tomography was performed prior to angiographic procedures. An electronically controlled digital(More)
We investigate, via the dynamic programming approach, a finite fuel nonlinear singular stochastic control problem of Bolza type. We prove that the associated value function is continuous and that its continuous extension to the closure of the domain coincides with the value function of a non singular control problem, for which we prove the existence of an(More)