Monica Moroni

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C-fibres probably represent the common final pathway in both ACE inhibitors and neoplastic cough. A recent report demonstrated that inhaled sodium cromoglycate is an effective treatment for ACE inhibitors' cough; this effect might be due to the suppression of afferent unmyelinated C-fibres. We tested the hypothesis that inhaled sodium cromoglycate might(More)
Hyperspectral monitoring of large areas (more than 10 km(2)) can be achieved via the use of a system employing spectrometers and CMOS cameras. A robust and efficient algorithm for automatically combining multiple, overlapping images of a scene to form a single composition (i.e., for the estimation of the point-to-point mapping between views), which uses(More)
Recent developments in hardware and software have increased the possibilities and reduced the costs of hyperspectral proximal sensing. Through the analysis of high resolution spectroscopic measurements at the laboratory or field scales, this monitoring technique is suitable for quantitative estimates of biochemical and biophysical variables related to the(More)
A new algorithm of particle identification suitable for particle tracking technique in fluid mechanics is proposed and tested with synthetic images specifically developed with different particle parameters. The new approach is based on the solution of the optical flow equation via a sum-of-squared-difference method. Particles are detected through the(More)
PURPOSE The goal of this work was to study the expression of epidermal growth factor receptor (by use of monoclonal antibody EGFR 1) and HER-2/neu (by use of monoclonal antibody EGFR 2), as well as EGFR activation [phosphorylated EGFR (P-EGFR)] and autocrine stimulation [ligand transforming growth factor-alpha (TGF-alpha)] markers in a series of 24(More)
Traditional plants for plastic separation in homogeneous products employ material physical properties (for instance density). Due to the small intervals of variability of different polymer properties, the output quality may not be adequate. Sensing technologies based on hyperspectral imaging have been introduced in order to classify materials and to(More)
The standardized scoring criteria of sleep can serve as a rough tool for monitoring the effects of psychoactive compounds, both in normal sleepers and in insomniac patients. More sensitive information on the impact of perturbing factors and drugs during sleep is supplied by the cyclic alternating pattern (CAP) parameters. In particular, CAP rate, which(More)
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