Monica Moroni

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Two experimental test programs are conducted to collect data and simulate the dynamic behavior of CuAlBe shape memory alloy (SMA) wires. First, in order to evaluate the effect of temperature changes on superelastic SMA wires, a large number of cyclic, sinusoidal, tensile tests are performed at 1 Hz. These tests are conducted in a controlled environment at(More)
Hyperspectral monitoring of large areas (more than 10 km(2)) can be achieved via the use of a system employing spectrometers and CMOS cameras. A robust and efficient algorithm for automatically combining multiple, overlapping images of a scene to form a single composition (i.e., for the estimation of the point-to-point mapping between views), which uses(More)
A finite-size (or scale) Lyapunov exponent (FSLE), lambdaa(x), is presented in a statistical mechanical framework and employed to characterize mixing in a variety of laboratory and computational fluid mechanics experiments. The FSLE is the exponential rate at which two particles separate from a distance x to ax. Laboratory particle tracking experiments are(More)
Recent developments in hardware and software have increased the possibilities and reduced the costs of hyperspectral proximal sensing. Through the analysis of high resolution spectroscopic measurements at the laboratory or field scales, this monitoring technique is suitable for quantitative estimates of biochemical and biophysical variables related to the(More)
Recycling of plastic materials is a rapidly developing discipline because of environmental awareness, the need to conserve materials and energy, and the growing demand to increase the production economy. The main problem in plastics recovery and recycling is related to the variety of plastic wastes, even if selective collection occurs. Therefore, plastic(More)
A new algorithm of particle identification suitable for particle tracking technique in fluid mechanics is proposed and tested with synthetic images specifically developed with different particle parameters. The new approach is based on the solution of the optical flow equation via a sum-of-squared-difference method. Particles are detected through the(More)
The proper design of a product life cycle may contribute both to the optimization of primary raw material usage and to the reduction of waste environmental impacts. Recycling may enter the life cycle of products in the contexts of production of secondary raw materials and reduction of waste extensive disposal in landfills. Tradition plants for plastic(More)
This paper presents an original device for the separation of plastic polymers from mixtures. Due to the combination of a characteristic flow pattern developing within the apparatus and density, shape and size differences among two or more polymers, this device allows their separation into two products, one collected within the instrument and the other one(More)