Monica Misici-Falzi

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The characterization of the mechanical properties of single uncoated pellets was performed in order to verify if these parameters could be used to predict the pellets aptitude to be compressed or utilized differently. Different ratios of microcrystalline cellulose and lactose monohydrate were used for the preparation of four batches of pellets by an(More)
This paper deals with the rheological and thermal characterisation of the self-assembling behaviour of different Poloxamer 407 systems (15-30%, w/v), both alone or after the addition of various amounts of hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin (5-20%, w/v). The knowledge of the interactions existing between the two kinds of molecules could allow the development of(More)
Gels dosage forms are successfully used as drug delivery systems considering their ability to control drug release and to protect medicaments from an hostile environment. This study deals with the gelation properties of Carbopol 971 e 974 polymeric systems in tetraglycol, a water-miscible cosolvent. In this paper, the attention was noted of the thickening(More)
Growing interest is being dedicated to soft matter because of its potential in delivering any type of drugs. Since hydrophilic, lipophilic, small and big molecules can be loaded into these colloidal systems and administered through the parenteral or nonparenteral route, soft matter systems have been used to solve many biomedical and pharmaceutical problems.(More)
The present study analyzed the thickening properties of Carbopol 974 and 971 in a 50:50 mixture of water/Silsense™ A-21, a new cationic silicon miscible in any proportion with water. Samples were prepared by simply dispersing different Carbopol amounts (0.5–4%) at room temperature or at 70°C without neutralizing. Temperature sweep and time sweep analysis(More)
The effect of punch tilting on the mechanism of punch penetration in the die of a rotary tablet machine during the compression cycle was evaluated by installing four displacement transducers on one station of a rotary machine. Two transducers were symmetrically positioned beside the upper punch in the upper turret, and the other two transducers were(More)
The aim of this work was to verify how and to what extent rheological tests, carried out under dynamic (Heckel) and static (creep, stress/strain) porosity conditions, may serve as a valuable complement to the classic Heckel tests in the characterization of viscoelastic and densification properties of solid materials for pharmaceutical use. Six different(More)
Acoustic spectroscopy affords a new and unique way to characterize concentrated suspension and emulsion while avoiding the limitations imposed by dilution, an undesirable step, particularly with highly structured samples. This study sought to illustrate the potentialities of this technique by using it to characterize the self-assembling behaviour of(More)
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