Monica Milasi

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This paper is focused on the study of a dynamic competitive equilibrium by using Lagrangean multipliers. This mathematical formulation allows us the improve theWalrasian model by considering the common possibility of an uncharged delayed payment in a given time (for example, by using a credit card). Firstly the economic equilibrium problem is reformulated(More)
The aim of this paper is to consider a dynamic competitive economic equilibrium problem in terms of maximization of utility functions and of excess demand functions. This equilibrium problem is studied by means of a time-dependent quasivariational inequality which is set in the Lebesgue space L2 0, T ,R . This approach allows us to obtain an existence(More)
We present some sensitivity results for the spatial price equilibrium problem in the case of quantity formulation model and in presence of excess supply and excess demand. The equilibrium conditions that describe the above model are expressed in terms of a time dependent variational inequality. The variational inequality formulation plays a fundamental role(More)
The main purpose of this paper is to investigate on the existence of a competitive equilibrium for a market with consumption and exchange. A variational representation is used to study this problem. More precisely, we consider an economy where utility functions are assumed concave and non-differentiable, and we characterize the equilibrium by means of a(More)
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