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Seventy-four cases of tuberculosis of the upper limb joints (sterno-clavicular 1; shoulder 12; elbow 42; wrist 10 and fingers 9), treated by two of the authors, were reviewed. Eighty-seven percent presented at an advanced stage of destruction. The diagnosis was proved in 71 out of 74 cases. In most, the treatment was 6–12 months of chemotherapy, plaster(More)
A study of nine cases of post-traumatic avascular necrosis of the head of the humerus is presented with a review of 60 cases previously published. Onset of symptoms begins between one and two years after fracture. Pain and stiffness are the principal features. The clinical picture eventually stabilises with decreasing pain and variable loss of movement. The(More)
The authors have used conservative treatment in 29 cases of tuberculosis of the elbow with 12 months of specific chemotherapy regim and 1–2 months of plaster immobilisation followed by rehabilitation. Seven elbows were ankylosed at the end of the period of treatment, 20 elbows had a useful range of joint movement, and 14 had more than 70° of free movement.(More)
INTRODUCTION Chronic hematogenous osteomyelitis (C.H.O.) is still a scourge of the non-industrialized countries. The authors operated on 420 cases of C.H.O. in Algeria between 1968 and 1987. A computerized analysis of the results of the surgical treatment of these 420 cases was made in Brussels, Belgium, by two of the authors. The results of this(More)
One hundred and twenty-five cases of tuberculous osteomyelitis have been observed by the authors since 1968. The site of the lesion and the clinical and radiological findings have been analysed. The importance of accurate diagnosis by bacteriological and histological investigation is emphasized. Pitfalls in the differential diagnosis with chronic(More)
Ninety-eight cases of tuberculosis of the knee (85 adults and 13 children), treated by one or other of the authors, were reviewed. 70% of the patients presented an advanced stage of destructive disease, but 30% were seen at the stage of synovitis. A proven diagnosis was obtained in 88 out of 98 cases. In the majority, treatment was standardised with 6 to 12(More)
  • M Martini
  • 1976
In a new surgical approach to the proximal part of the humerus, used in eighteen patients, the distal part of the tendon of the deltoid muscle was divided and the whole muscle was lifted up to give an excellent view of the proximal one-third of the diaphysis, the metaphysis, the surgical neck, and both tuberosities of the humerus. The exposure allowed(More)
AIMS To investigate the frequency, the prognostic effect on functional status and the urodynamic patterns of post-stroke urinary incontinence (UI) in a sample of in-patients affected by ischemic stroke. METHODS One hundred six patients with recent ischemic stroke admitted to a neurorehabilitation unit were enrolled. Stroke localization was made according(More)