Monica Martinez-Mendoza

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In this paper, a practical implementation of the spatial images technique for the analysis of shielded multilayered printed circuits inside convex cavities is proposed. A new method is introduced in order to automatically locate the images surrounding the structure in order to impose the appropriate boundary conditions for the potentials. The boundary(More)
A novel structure for the implementation of compact transversal bandpass filters is proposed in this paper. This new proposal consists of a hybrid structure, based on the combination of two different technologies: the waveguide and microstrip. It is shown that the novel hybrid microwave filter is able to implement both a second- and third-order filtering(More)
A simple dual-bandpass filtering structure is proposed. The filter is implemented by means of a new hybrid waveguide-microstrip technology. The novelty of the structure is that it combines two standard printed microstrip coupled line resonators, with a resonance of the base waveguide cavity, to implement a dual-band operation. Important aspects about the(More)
  • Jordi Mateul, Alberto Padillal, +4 authors Juan M. O'Callaghanl
  • 2010
This paper outlines the synthesis procedure for obtaining the folded coupling matrix of lossy filters of 4th order with uniform Q distribution. The method is applied to Butterworth, Chebyshev and Chebyshev with a single pair of symmetrical transmission zeros responses. Closed-form expressions to relate a prescribed insertion loss and filter bandwidth with(More)
This paper presents a compact tri-band voltage-mode class-S power amplifier module suitable for the LTE frequency bands of 0.8, 1.8 and 2.6 GHz. The demonstrator uses a broadband GaN voltage-mode PA MMIC and a hybrid SMD element tri-band filter introducing transmission zeros between the pass bands for improved isolation. Applying pulse-width modulated input(More)
Precise formulas to express the formal relationship between the time average stored energy in the resonators of a low-pass filter network and the sensitivity of the reflection <i>S</i> -parameter with respect to the coupling matrix terms are demonstrated in this paper, considering the normalized frequency axis. These relationships are found in the modern(More)
In this paper, a new approach for the sensitivity analysis of microwave filter networks is presented. It is shown that the standard method of sensitivity calculation based on a tuned filter is only valid for infinitesimal geometry changes and not meaningful for practical tolerance values. However, when the sensitivity calculation is expanded to also include(More)
In the above paper, the authors propose a new analytical methodology for the sensitivity analysis of microwave filter networks. However, an errata has been found which may affect the readers understanding, and it will be clarified in this comment.
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