Monica M. Gerber

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The performance of 38 male third- and fourth-grade reading disabled/poor decoders and above-average readers/good decoders was compared on a series of six measures of phonological awareness, including tasks that required the ability to segment, blend, and manipulate phonemes. Performance on these tasks was also correlated with phonetic decoding of(More)
This working paper was prepared for the Oxford Internet Surveys (OxIS) input to the World Internet Project (WIP). The authors thank colleagues in the WIP for their insights relevant to the worldwide diffusion and impact of the Internet. This paper aims to complement an international report (WIP 2008) by focusing on Britain's place in the worldwide ecology(More)
Presented herein is a comparative study of group treatments for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In this study, an emerging intervention, memory specificity training (MeST), was compared with cognitive processing therapy (CPT) using standardized outcome measures of target symptoms (i.e., anxiety and depression from client perspective; memory(More)
Soil from George Town, Grand Cayman Island, yielded the bacteriophage Belinda, isolated on Bacillus thuringiensis DSM 350. We present here the analysis of the complete genome sequence of 162,308 bp, with 298 predicted genes. The genome also contains three tRNA genes. Belinda belongs to the C1 cluster of Bacillus phages.
Banks, Jonathan Britten. Is mind wandering the mechanism responsible for life stress induced impairments in working memory capacity? Doctor of Philosophy (Experimental The relationship between life stress and working memory capacity (WMC) has been documented in college students and older adults. It has been proposed that intrusive thoughts about life stress(More)
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