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This research project investigates the ability of neural networks, specifically, the backpropagation algorithm, to integrate fundamental and technical analysis for financial performance prediction. The predictor attributes include 16 financial statement variables and 11 macroeconomic variables. The rate of return on common shareholders’ equity is used as(More)
For a large class of scientific computing applications, the continuing growth in physical memory capacity cannot be expected to eliminate the need to perform I/O throughout their executions. For these out-of-core applications, the large and widening gap between processor performance and disk latency is a major concern. Current operating systems deliver poor(More)
With the advances in Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology, the design of digital circuits is becoming more and more as the development of software. Hardware is modeled using Hardware Description Languages (HDLs) very much as software is described using programming languages. Synthesis tools are used like compilers to map these HDL models into hardware.(More)
This research project investigated the subject of Internet banking activities for a major credit union in California. Community banks have not been the research focus for Internet banking. While large scale banks concentrate on applying information technology to improve their customization, smaller banks have to rely on their mobility, personal touch, and(More)
Despite the fact that large scale shared-memory multiprocessors have been commercially available for several years, system software that fully utilizes all of their features is still not available. These machines require system software that is scalable, supports fault containment, and provides scalable resource management. Software supporting these(More)
Parallel Computers have recently become powerful enough to outperform conventional vector based supercomputers. Several parallel languages are currently under development for exploiting the data and/or task parallelism available in the applications. In this report, we propose the development of a basic public domain infrastructure to provide runtime support(More)
Methamphetamine (METH) is a highly addictive psychostimulant, and cessation of use is associated with reduced monoamine signalling, and increased anxiety/depressive states. Neurons expressing the neuropeptide, relaxin-3 (RLN3), and its cognate receptor, RXFP3, constitute a putative ‘ascending arousal system’, which shares neuroanatomical and functional(More)
The <i>American Medical Association Family Medical Guide</i> is a comprehensive medical reference book for non-medical professionals. The book uses a series of flow charts to help users diagnose their symptoms by answering yes and no questions. The idea presented in this paper is to leverage the information in the book to make a chat bot for a mobile phone(More)