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BACKGROUND Mirror therapy has been demonstrated to reduce phantom limb pain (PLP) experienced by unilateral limb amputees. Research suggests that the visual feedback of observing a limb moving in the mirror is critical for therapeutic efficacy. OBJECTIVE Since mirror therapy is not an option for bilateral lower limb amputees, the purpose of this study was(More)
Composite CVD endpoint Model 1 1.16 (0.92-1.48) 0.215 2.25 (1.29-3.94) 0.005 Model 2 1.44 (1.04-1.99) 0.030 3.54 (1.89-6.64) <0.001 Model 3 1.39 (1.00-1.93) 0.048 3.37 (1.80-6.31) <0.001 Coronary heart disease Model 1 1.22 (0.94-1.58) 0.130 2.40 (1.34-4.29) 0.003 Model 2 1.46 (1.04-2.05) 0.028 3.50 (1.82-6.72) <0.001 Model 3 1.44 (1.02-2.01) 0.036 3.40(More)
Annular pancreas is a rare congenital anomaly in which a ring of pancreatic tissue encircles the secondpart of the duodenum [1]. Here we present the endoscopic findings in two patientswith annular pancreas, including the first endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) video to be published of the condition, illustrating the pancreatic duct coursing around the duodenum.(More)
Although the experience of vicarious sensations when observing another in pain have been described postamputation, the underlying mechanisms are unknown. We investigated whether vicarious sensations are related to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms and chronic pain. In Study 1, 236 amputees completed questionnaires about phantom limb phenomena(More)
The authors describe the mechanisms of traumatic brain injury (TBI), examining in depth the characteristics of closed head, penetrating, and blast-related TBI. Events on a structural as well as cellular level are reviewed. Blast-related brain injury, in particular, affects military service members preferentially, but is also relevant in cases of industrial(More)
Background Reports of race-related triathlon fatalities have raised questions regarding athlete safety. Objective To describe death and cardiac arrest among triathlon participants. Design Case series. Setting United States. Participants Participants in U.S. triathlon races from 1985 to 2016. Measurements Data on deaths and cardiac arrests were(More)
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