Monica K. Nordvik

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the impact of the number of sexual encounters involving intercourse in combination with the number of sexual partners on the transmission dynamics of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). STUDY A statistical model is used for predicting the basic reproductive rate, R(0), which takes both the number of sexual partners and the(More)
OBJECTIVES The so-called small-world effect can have a great impact on efforts to control the incidence and prevalence of sexually transmitted infections. This is because a small number of so-called spatial bridgers (individuals who, through sexual contacts, interconnect geographically distant areas) can drastically lower the average path length in the(More)
We model a sexually transmitted infection in a network population where individuals have different numbers of partners, separated into steady and casual partnerships, where the risk of transmission is higher in steady partnerships. An individual's number of partners of the two types defines its degree, and the degrees in the community specify the degree(More)
BACKGROUND The Internet has become an important venue for seeking sexual partners and may facilitate transmission of sexually transmitted infections. METHODS We examined a 64-day data log of flirt messages expressing sexual interest among MSM within the community. We used logistic regression to analyze characteristics of MSM sending and(More)
AIM The overall aim of this paper is to examine sexually active young people's behavioral expectations of condom use. METHODS We collected data at nine youth clinics and one sexually transmitted infections (STI) clinic in Sweden. We included participants whom had been sexually active during the past 12 months: A total of 1022 participants between the ages(More)
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