Monica Jamali

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BACKGROUND Wilms tumor has a survival rate of 85-90% in well resourced countries but in low income countries survival is lower. Malawi is a country with very limited resources. We studied the feasibility, toxicity and efficacy of preoperative chemotherapy for Wilms tumor in Malawian children. METHODS All patients diagnosed with a Wilms tumor, admitted in(More)
BACKGROUND Children with cancer in resource limited countries are often malnourished at diagnosis. Acute malnutrition is associated with more infectious complications and an increased risk of morbidity and mortality in major surgery. METHODS All new patients with the clinical diagnosis of a Wilms tumour admitted in the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital,(More)
BACKGROUND The HIV epidemic remains a major health challenge all over the world. In 2013, an estimated 35million people were living with HIV globally. Male circumcision is increasingly being adopted as a method of HIV prevention. WHO and UNAIDS have advised that male circumcision be added to current HIV interventions. Malawi is one of the countries hardest(More)
BACKGROUND Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection has been shown to be associated with anthracotic bronchitis. However, the typical manifestation of infection is not usually present in infected patients, which raises the question of whether a particular strain of M. tuberculosis is associated with this group of patients. OBJECTIVE To determine whether a(More)
INTRODUCTION There have been publications on the attitudes of the general Iranian population and health care personnel about brain death and organ donation; however, there is little information about such attitudes of medical students. In 2006, a survey was conducted in Tehran about the attitudes of medical students in a hospital with a transplantation(More)
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