Monica Garnier

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[This project aims at providing planners with a grid which would allow a comparison between Best Management Practices (BMPs) in terms of environmental efficiency, economic cost and potential acceptability by farmers. A comparison between different existing or simulated BMPs (Best Management Practices) has been carried out through a cost/effectiveness(More)
In recent years, improvements in point-source depuration technologies have highlighted the problems regarding agricultural nonpoint (diffuse) sources, and this issue has become highly relevant from the environmental point of view. The considerable extension of the areas responsible for this kind of pollution, together with the scarcity of funds available to(More)
There is general agreement among scientists that global temperatures are rising and will continue to increase in the future. It is also agreed that human activities are the most important causes of these climatic variations, and that water resources are already suffering and will continue to be greatly impaired as a consequence of these changes. In(More)
Water pollution from point sources has been considerably reduced over the last few decades. Nevertheless, some water quality problems remain, which can be attributed to non-point pollution sources, and in particular to agriculture. In this paper the results of a study intended to assess the consequences, in terms of NO3 water pollution, of growing a crop,(More)
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