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Getting a good night's sleep is on everyone's to-do list. So is, no doubt, staying awake during late afternoon seminars. Our internal clocks control these and many more workings of the body, and disruptions of the circadian clocks predispose individuals to depression, obesity and cancer. Mutations in kinases and phosphatases in hamsters, flies, fungi and(More)
The intrinsic period of circadian clocks is their defining adaptive property. To identify the biochemical mechanisms whereby casein kinase1 (CK1) determines circadian period in mammals, we created mouse null and tau mutants of Ck1 epsilon. Circadian period lengthened in CK1epsilon-/-, whereas CK1epsilon(tau/tau) shortened circadian period of behavior in(More)
Over the last years zebrafish has become a popular model in the study of cardiac physiology, pathology and pharmacology. Recently, the application of the 3Rs regulation and the characteristics of the embryo have reduced the use of adult zebrafish use in many studies. However, the zebrafish embryo cardiac physiology is poorly characterized since most works(More)
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