Monica E. Wiig

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The Artelon CMC spacer is designed for surgical treatment of osteoarthritis (OA) in the carpometacarpal joint of the thumb (CMC-I). Good results using this degradable device were previously presented in a pilot study. We now present results from a larger randomized, controlled, multicenter study. PATIENTS AND METHODS 109 patients(More)
We aimed to find functional and structural differences in neuropathy between patients with and without chronic pain following nerve injury. We included 30 patients requiring hand surgery after a trauma, with 21 reporting chronic pain for more than one year after the injury, while 9 did not suffer from injury-related chronic pain. We assessed mechanical(More)
BACKGROUND Postoperative adhesions constitute a substantial clinical problem in hand surgery. Fexor tendon injury and repair result in adhesion formation around the tendon, which restricts the gliding function of the tendon, leading to decreased digit mobility and impaired hand recovery. This study evaluated the efficacy and safety of the peptide PXL01 in(More)
BACKGROUND Functional impairment in individuals with radial longitudinal deficiency can be influenced by several factors, including a short and bowed forearm, radial deviation of the wrist, a non-functional or absent thumb, limited finger motion, and impaired grip strength, but their relationship with activity and participation in adults with radial(More)
BACKGROUND In children with hypoplasia or aplasia of the radius (radial longitudinal deficiency) manual activity limitations may be caused by several factors; a short and bowed forearm, radial deviation of the wrist, a non-functional or absent thumb, limited range of motion in the fingers and impaired grip strength. The present study investigates the(More)
Repair of a transected flexor tendon will, despite careful technique and early rehabilitation, usually result in a restricted range of movement. This is mainly because adhesions form between the tendon and the surrounding structures. Our aim was to establish an experimental model in rabbits for future studies on new techniques to reduce the formation of(More)
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