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A clinical-psychological study was carried out in 224 insulin-dependent diabetic patients, distributed into two groups according to the frequency of hypoglycemic episodes. Group. A included 124 patients, 65 men and 59 women (mean age 35 +/- 18 years), who reported frequent episodes of hypoglycemia (HG). In the 100 patients of group B (46 men and 54 women(More)
The paper presents a comparison of various CHP system configurations, such as Vapour Turbine, Gas Turbine, Internal Combustion Engine, External Combustion Engine (Stirling, Ericsson), when different thermodynamic criteria are considered, namely the first law efficiency and exergy efficiency. Thermodynamic optimization of these systems is performed intending(More)
As part of the efforts to unify the various branches of Irreversible Thermodynamics, the proposed work reconsiders the approach of the Carnot engine taking into account the finite physical dimensions (heat transfer conductances) and the finite speed of the piston. The models introduce the irreversibility of the engine by two methods involving different(More)
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