Monica Coppola

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Opinion • The use of EBITDA and related EBITDA ratios as a single measure of cash flow without consideration of other factors can be misleading. • EBITDA is probably best assessed by breaking down its components into EBIT, Depreciation, and Amortization. Generally speaking, the greater the percentage of EBIT in EBITDA, the stronger the underlying cash flow.(More)
Tele-mentoring is an interactive experimental method that allows young surgeons' education by distant learning tutoring of an expert surgeon. The problem about assessment of efficacy and quality of computer-assisted instruction is under evaluation today. Tele-mentoring is supported by videoconferencing system and it is not an exclusive methodology but an(More)
The Valtrac biofragmentable anastomotic ring (V-BAR) technique has been widely used in clinical practice, particularly in anastomoses of the colon. The success of this method encouraged some surgeons to use it also in anastomosis of the small intestine. We are convinced that the method can be used successfully also in anastomosis of the small intestine and(More)
BACKGROUND Besides weight loss Scopinaro's operation produces correction of hypercholesterolemia and noninsulin dependent diabetes mellitus in all patients who suffer from these conditions. These results encouraged us to perform biliopancreatic diversion (BPD) without gastric resection, thus preserving the functions of the stomach and pylorus in moderately(More)
PURPOSE We evaluated the mean value and the variability range of the tracheal bifurcation angle by patient gender, age, height, weight, build, body area and max transverse diameter of the chest under normal conditions. We also evaluated tracheal bifurcation angle changes in orthostatism and recumbency, as well as in the different respiratory phases.(More)
Splenic abscess is a rare condition. Haematogenous seeding to the spleen from an infection at a distant site, most often endocarditis, is been the most common predisposing condition but an increase has been observed in immuno-compromised patients too. Fever, leukocytosis and left upper quadrant pain are suggestive, but the signs and symptoms of splenic(More)
Plastic and oncological breast surgery are becoming more and more closer as one surgical treatment. The term "oncoplastic surgery" refers to the use of plastic surgery techniques in breast cancer surgery, in order to avoid and to correct the adverse aesthetic findings. The care of cosmetic sequelae of breast cancer surgery has reached an important(More)
The reconstruction of the female breast after mastectomy has become a crucial part of primary breast cancer therapy. Setting of an implant is possible only in case of locally abounding soft tissue coverage and when no radiation has before performed. It is necessary a complete integrity of the submuscolar pocket and good blood supply of the skin to avoid(More)