Monica Ciminello

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RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES We investigated a computer-aided detection (CAD) scheme for clustered microcalcifications in digitized mammograms. METHODS A multistage CAD scheme was developed and tested. To increase sensitivity, the scheme uses a Gaussian band-pass filter and nonlinear threshold. A multistage local minimum searching routine and a multilayer(More)
Research in noise and vibration control has partially focused on semi-active attenuation techniques such as switching shunt control (SSC) systems. Among the various methods, SSC architectures exhibit several interesting advantages such as low power absorption and intrinsic adaptive capabilities. This approach may represent an acceptable compromise between(More)
Shape control of adaptive wings has the potential to enhance wing aerodynamic performance during cruise and high-speed off-design conditions. A possible way to attain this objective is to develop specific technologies for trailing edge morphing, aimed at variating the airfoil camber. In the framework of SARISTU project (EU-FP7), an innovative structural(More)
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