Monica Chiarini Tremblay

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On-line analytical processing (OLAP) is an example of a new breed of tools for decision support that give decision makers the flexibility to customize the selection, aggregation, and presentation of data. To understand the impact of this type of tool, we study an implementation of an OLAP interface on the CATCH data warehouse used by knowledge workers at a(More)
Unintentional injury due to falls is a serious and expensive health problem among the elderly. This is especially true in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) ambulatory care setting, where nearly 40% of the male patients are 65 or older and at risk for falls. Health service researchers and clinicians can utilize VHA administrative data to identify and(More)
This study focuses on investigating the computerized medical record, including textual progress notes, using data and text mining techniques to examine patient fall-related injuries (FRIs) in the Veterans Administration (VA) ambulatory care setting. FRIs are high cost, high volume adverse events in the VA that are difficult to identify from VA(More)
As a result of a recent federal government mandate, an increasing number of hospitals have decided to adopt electronic medical record (EMR) systems. This initiative is expected to lead toward more efficient and higher quality health care; however, little is known about governance characteristics and organizational performance for EMR adopters. Our goal is(More)
PURPOSE To study the outcome of corneal transplants performed with cryopreserved tissue. METHODS Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital medical records of all corneal transplantations performed with cryopreserved tissue by one surgeon (M.L.F.) between March 1978 and April 1991 were reviewed. The Kaufman--Capella cryopreservation technique was used. Corneas were(More)
Requirements elicitation is a central and critical activity in the systems analysis and design process. This paper explores the nature of the challenges that confront analysts and their clients during requirements elicitation. A review of the literature highlights communication as a persistent locus of concern among systems analysis, users and procurers.(More)
In today’s data-rich environment, decision makers draw conclusions from data repositories that may contain data quality problems. In this context, missing data is an important and known problem, since it can seriously affect the accuracy of conclusions drawn. Researchers have described several approaches for dealing with missing data, primarily(More)