Monica Canning-Ball

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Previous research has identified risk factors for early attrition from substance abuse treatment, but has not assessed reasons for dropout from the client's perspective. Interview and self-report assessment data were collected from 24 clients who prematurely terminated outpatient treatment to evaluate their subjective reasons for dropping out and the(More)
AIMS The effectiveness of expert-led (EX) and train-the-trainer (TT) strategies was compared to a self-study approach (SS) for teaching clinicians motivational interviewing (MI). DESIGN Twelve community treatment programs were assigned randomly to the three conditions. EX and TT conditions used skill-building workshops and three monthly supervision(More)
Treatment integrity ratings (adherence and competence) are frequently used as outcome measures in clinician training studies, drawn from recorded real client or role-played client sessions. However, it is unknown whether clinician adherence and competence are similar in real client and role-played sessions or whether real and role-play clients provide(More)
This pilot study evaluated a criterion-based stepwise approach for training counselors in motivational interviewing (MI). Three sequential steps of training in MI were provided to 26 counselors who worked within the U.S. State of Connecticut Veterans Administration addiction treatment programs: a distance learning Web course (Step 1), a skill-building(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the cost and cost-effectiveness of three strategies for teaching community program clinicians motivational interviewing (MI): self-study (SS), expert-led (EX), and train-the-trainer (TT). METHODS This economic analysis was conducted as part of a three-arm clinician training trial comprising 12 community treatment programs randomly(More)
The effectiveness of a competency-based supervision approach called Motivational Interviewing Assessment: Supervisory Tools for Enhancing Proficiency (MIA: STEP) was compared to supervision-as-usual (SAU) for increasing clinicians' motivational interviewing (MI) adherence and competence and client retention and primary substance abstinence in a multisite(More)
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