Monica Campos

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This article analyzes and carries out an econometric test of the explanatory power of economic and attitude variables for occurrences of the nonnative signal crayfish in Swedish waters. Signal crayfish are a carrier of plague which threatens the native noble crayfish with extinction. Crayfish are associated with recreational and cultural traditions in(More)
The mortality of lung cancer (LC), increases each year in the world, in spite of any advances, in development of new drugs to advance stages of LC. The high incidence of LC has been associated with smoking habit, genetic diversity and environmental pollution. Antofagasta region has been reported to have the highest LC mortality rate in Chile and its(More)
  • James L Screwworms, Alexander, M Campos, Pereira
  • 2006
T wo species of primary screwworm flies exist in the world. The Western Hemisphere is home to the NWSF. The genus and species designation for this parasite underwent a number of name changes before the current term, Cochliomyia hominivorax, was established. 1–3 The adult fly may be 8 to 10 mm in length, 1 with a yellowish-orange face and 3 dark,(More)
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