Monica Borda

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In this paper we present a novel diffusion filter, designed for strongly oriented patterns. Unlike most previous diffusion methods, our filter employs global orientation information, the diffusion process being steered according to this information. Using a scalar diffusivity, as used in the classical Perona Malik filter, we are able to eliminate the(More)
Automation is an open subject in DNA microarray image processing, aiming reliable gene expression estimation. The paper presents a novel shock filter based approach for automatic microarray grid alignment. The proposed method brings up significantly reduced computational complexity compared to state of the art approaches, while similar results in terms of(More)
The present paper describes a System on a Chip for microarray image processing together with the steps of a microarray experiment integrated in the proposed system. The system's reduced size and the hardware algorithms proved to overcome the disadvantages of the existing software for microarray image processing. FPGA technology was chosen for the(More)